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The Social Emergency Medicine Committee at LAC+USC aims to provide extra-clinical, educational, and advocacy opportunities for residents, incorporating and better understanding patients’ social context and impact in emergency medicine care.

Group photo of the Class of 2023 in front of the Old County Hospital.

Who We Are

We are current emergency medicine residents at the Los Angeles County + University of Southern California (LAC+USC) Emergency Medicine Program. Located in East Los Angeles, we serve an incredibly diverse, safety-net patient population. We are passionate about addressing social determinants of health, health equity, and social justice.

What We Do

We have six incredible sub-committees that are passionate about our local community and are actively engaged in current projects and ongoing research.

Hurnan (PGY3) and Brett Feldman (Director of Keck Street Medicine) sharing an air-hug after morning street medicine rounds.

Upcoming Events

From educational talks to community-based activities, check out what our residents are up to.

Contact Us

Feel free to email with questions, comments, or suggestions.

Chase Westra, MD

Co-Director 2022-2023

Taylor Docter, MD

Co-Director 2022-2023

Todd Schneberk, MD, MS, MA

Faculty Advisor